Ron LeGault Jazz Studies Program provides training for players looking to that next step after individual study, where they can develop and practice jazz performance skills in a live group.

Players learn the key elements of how jazz group performances are successful.They acquire the skills to perform improvised solos with a rhythm section, and learn jazz “time” and group structure through actual performance.

Material is selected that is appropriate to the skill level of the group and is based on jazz standards. Emphasis is on the “feel” of effective jazz time, including fundamental jazz rhythms of swing, latin, funk, and ballads.

All sessions are in a group environment, not individual, This is development of a working jazz group. Coaching interaction during performance is prominent.The importance of playing successfully within a group takes precedence over learning tunes or emulating individual artists.

Success is marked by the group’s ability to comfortably play in a manner suitable to perform before a live audience, and by the capability of the individual players to take the performance skills learned and utilize them other settings.

The number of players in any group is limited (piano, bass, drums…possibly a horn). The concept is based on development of the group, and limiting the number of players allows each player to benefit from Ron’s coaching and instruction.

Weekly sessions are 1 1/4 hours, and take place at Ron’s studio at 728 York St., Denver. The studio is equipped with piano, bass amp and drum kit.


728 York St.

Denver CO 80206