LaCour is a jazz and dining experience in Denver that is just beginning to be discovered, and is joining the growing number of venues spotlighting Denver’s strong jazz talent.

Billed as Denver’s Art Bar, this 2-story bistro is right out of a Parisian neighborhood.  This bright blue building on burgeoning South Broadway, with a gated entrance to the ground floor bar, is featuring young and flourishing talent, like pianist Annie Booth, and musicians with quintessential jazz roots, like Billy Wallace.

Music and dining are up a flight of stairs that lead into a salon-like upper room, with its grand piano, and intimate setting. A fireplace, wooden floors, and small tables seem like a private, invitation only setting. Pianist Ron LeGault remarked, “I can sit at the piano and introduce a Keith Jarrett or Henry Mancini tune with a little story, and feel like I am having a conversation with each one of the guests. It’s like it was my own living room. Often, these attentive, listening guests are ‘first timers’ to La Cour, and are loving the intimacy of the musical experience.”

Carefully selected wines, interesting draft beers, and the small menu of carefully prepared food enhance the musical experience. Visually, the rotating presentation of local artist works gives La Cour a fresh look each time you visit.

Patrons of all ages and types, from the South Broadway neighborhood to Aurora, are treated to knowledgeable, friendly staff members, and to the smiles and welcome of owner Janet Ploth.

La Cour is becoming a gem in the Denver jazz scene!

1643 South Broadway, Denver CO 80210

303) 777-5000